Flight Safety Solutions

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BreezyLog typically costs from $499 for the aircraft setup fee then only $22/ month for aircraft owners

BreezyLog accounts are FREE for all pilots and maintainers

Flight Safety Solutions PTY LTD 

comprises of a small team of qualified and dedicated people who, from their own experiences, have identified missing links between aircraft ownership, organisations, maintenance, training, compliance and safety procedures.

We offer consultancy based solutions for;

  • LSA / TA /  UL Aircraft
  • Ageing aircraft problems
  • Unacceptable maintenance standards
  • Sparse aircraft logbooks and records
  • Lack of maintenance training and awareness of legal compliance
  • Poor support from some aircraft manufacturers
  • Digital Aircraft Logbooks
  • Digital Pilots Logbooks

With combined knowledge and experience and your input, we offer support to overcome recurring aviation problems.


Self-Administering Organisations

SAO are responsible for administering regulations for sport aircraft and activities by:

  • administering their member's compliance to the requirements
  • providing specialist knowledge to CASA
  • providing safety assurance

Recreational Aircraft can be registered with

  • Sports Aviation Federation of Australia (03) 9336 7155
  • Sport Aircraft Association of Australia (home builds) (02) 6889 7777
  • Recreational Aviation Australia

Did you know?   CASA does not:

  • issue type certificates or type acceptance certificates for LSA
  • oversight the continuing airworthiness requirements for a LSA 
  • have a direct relationship with the aircraft manufacturer 
  • have a regulatory requirement to audit a LSA manufacturer for any reason
  • have, hold or verify any data associated with the construction, airworthiness, or continuing airworthiness of a LSA.

As an owner of an LSA, you are totally reliant on the support from the manufacturer for the life of that aircraft.    Ref: CASA May 2022

When we hear "It hasn't killed anyone yet", we ask, Is fear of litigation and commercial risk analysis putting our aviation safety at risk?

When there seems to be nowhere to turn, talk to Flight Safety Solutions.

Free EFB Pilot's Logbook

Our EFB Pilot's Logbook is simply the best EFB Pilot's logbook you'll find. Our free and comprehensive BreezyLog pilot's logbook is available for ALL pilots. 

Easily migrate your flying hours from a paper logbook or from LocR-aero or other online logbooks.

Open a BreezyLog account, transfer your flying hours and start using your FREE EFB Pilot's Logbook today!

There is no catch, and yes, Pilot Logbook is linked to your BreezyLog Aircraft Logbook so you only enter your flight times once!  


Fully RAAus Accepted for use as an EFB Aircraft Record Keeping System

Fully RAAus Accepted as a legal alternative for paper aircraft logbooks

BreezyLog is a cost saving predictive maintenance system from day one.

Brand new modern aircraft through to ageing aircraft

Stay ahead of aircraft maintenance schedules with real-time BreezyLog.

BreezyLog is already a
Certificate of Release to Service (CRS)

BreezyLog tracks your aircraft maintenance schedules by actual flying hours.

BreezyLog works on your PC, phone or tablet, in the cockpit, in the home and in the hanger.


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Aircraft Documents Template Service

A customized document research service designed to save you, or your maintainer, hours or even days of paperwork.
As seen on RAAus Website

Change is Coming!

Proposed CASR 43 and 103



Part 43 - proposed new regulations for "no maintenance release" operations".

Use BreezyLog as your 
Certificate of Release to Service (CRS)

Part 149 - Approved Self-Administering Aviation Organisations.  Affects individuals/organisations involved in sports aviation administration.