Aircraft Owner / Operators
One time loading cost + a low monthly fee.

Register as a Private Owner if you own an aircraft, fly or lease your aircraft, maintain your own aircraft or if you have your aircraft maintained for you.   Your aircraft records privacy will be under your control through your SSL secured BreezyLog account. 

Join us now and START SAVING more than the low cost of BreezyLog!


Register as  LAME if you are a LAME or an RAAus Approved L2 and you carry out maintenance work on aircraft.  You'll save a lot of time being more organised once your customers switch to BreezyLog.

An aircraft Owner gives e-permissions for particular LAMEs or RAAus Approved L2s to work on their aircraft and sign tasks off in BreezyLog.


Register as a Pilot if you hire an aircraft that is registered on BreezyLog.   
BreezyLog uses virtual hangers.  Owners grant hanger access for operators, engineers and pilots with varying permissions for what they can do in the hanger.

All BreezyLog account holders are entitled to a free BreezyLog Pilot's Logbook